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by Bazooka Photo

Product Photography

What’s more fun than taking pictures of inanimate objects?

Excitement abounds.

…pretty much anything, as it turns out. That’s why you should have me do it instead.

It’s not easy to take nice product photos, but they can make you and your organization look really good. I can help you take photos for print catalogs, websites, ebay listings, etsy, or any other service I haven’t heard of yet. If you are mass-producing products, I can also help you build a standards book for manufacturing facilities to improve quality control. If you are in real estate or interior decorating, perhaps you’d like some professional photos of properties for your portfolio.

Contact us for a quote and we’ll be glad to help.

Shiny things can be hard to photograph with a standard on-camera flash. The photo on the right was shot with a ring flash, but could also be done in a light tent for a different look or with a different background.



Flat items can also be a problem. Glare can be difficult to avoid.


Dropping out the background on some product photos can make all the difference. Coincidentally, this is a book I produced made up of photos I took in St. Thomas, USVI. I can make a beautifully-bound book like this of your photos, too.


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