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by Bazooka Photo

Google Trusted Photographer

Google Trusted Photographer
I’m proud to announce that Bazooka Photo is now the first (and only) Google Trusted Photographer in Pennsylvania.

What does this mean? Well, Google began an initiative recently to bring Street View technology indoors with Google Business Photos. The process of creating these virtual tours can only be performed by a Google Trusted Photographer: a highly-trained, wildly-talented, well-equipped, and vigorously-vetted independent person like … me. Google chooses us, trains us, tests us, then unleashes us into the world to help you increase your business’s exposure on the world’s greatest search engine.

Here is how a toy store in Texas has made use of Google Business Photos:

If you are interested in having Google Business Photos for YOUR business, contact us and we’ll make it happen!

NEW: Here are a few samples of my work: Godfrey’s Welcome to DogdomLearning Express ToysThird Rail Bar and Restaurant. Or just click here to see all of them.

Also, here’s a great video made by a Google Trusted Photographer in NYC explaining how your business can make best use of our services:

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